PRO$IT Business Suite's web browser-based application interface is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. With a logical hierarchy of menus: vertical, horizontal, pull-down and pop-up, the selection of functions or features is obvious. Functions are supported by on-screen help messages, all within a system that is easy to learn, use and maintain.

Roll over each screenshot below to see PRO$IT Business Suite in action.

Human Resources

Search Employee Database
HR can find and select persons within an organization. Able to search by Employee Name, Number, Code; Business Unit, BU process, BU Department, BU Activity; Employee Class, Status, or Pay Period.

View Employee Files
HR staff are able to view or update Employees' personal files, including records pertaining to the Employee's Payables, Alias Records Personal Skills, Addresses, Documents, Time Entry, Government Deductions, Benefits Deductions, Pay Admin, Direct Deposit and Job Position data.

Payroll Time Entry Batch
View Employee Data, including Gross to Net, Gross/Net Spec Update, Gross to Net All Time Totals; Employee Log/Notes Employee Burden Parameters or Business Rules. Time Entry Batches are viewable by Time Entry Status, Date From/To, BU and/or Batch Number.


Inventory Item Search
Search inventory by Item Code (old or current), Short Description, Cateogry, Group, Class, Type or Level; Vendor, Vendor Item, UPC, Customer, Customer Item or Item Status.

Work Order Profile
Search by BU. WO, WO Type or SO; Date Entered To/From or Item Code. When located, staff are able to change a work order's status, edit its record, or print the WO.

Inventory Average Cost Valuation Report
Generate or edit reports by Report Type, Date, Print Zero, Warehouse or Item; Inventory Brand, Category, Group, Class, Type or Level; Item Status; Report Format (Printer, PDF, Excel, HTML or RTF).

Warehouse Management

Pallet Status Filter Criteria
Track pallets by Item Code, Sub Whs, Pallet Status or Inventory Status; Date From/To. View data related to History and Content.

Warehouse Pallet Packing
Pallets by Print License Plates or enter New Products by Line Number, Shift, SW, Certification Date, Item Code, Day Code, Cart Number or Quantity.

Stock Detail by Warehouse Location
View stock detail through a variety of Report Types, and print to screen or printer. Sort by Warehouse, Whs From/To, Aisle, Bay or Tier. Edit Item Code, Day Code, SW or Printer.