'Quality' and 'Quantity' are not synonyms.

Ronneberger Computing Inc. is a family owned software development firm operating from offices in Brighton, Ontario, Canada since 1978. Our team has a proven record of accomplishments in computer-based system design and implementation. Together we have more than a century of hands-on experience. We continuously strive to bring high standards of excellence to the development of imaginative software solutions for business and government organizations.

PRO$IT is the registered trademark of our software products. We license PRO$IT to associates. Our associates are professional firms who combine relevant industry competence with professional computer hardware and software implementation skills.

RCI continuously monitors software and hardware development, in order to identify and evaluate new methods, processes, and products for the benefit of our clients.

RCI's latest project has pioneered a wireless data logging system for the vending industry.  SmartMech provides tamper-proof revenue tracking through innovation and excellence.